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Additional Services Offered at Onyx

We are grateful to be able to offer these independent services at Onyx Wellness. 


Reiki is the Japanese practice of energy healing and unblocking

that moves to the root of things to allow your energy to flow

it asks the question ‘what needs to be healed?’


Our bodies and energetic fields hold onto everything and sometimes we just need a little help to become aware of and release those things. Reiki helps get into those spaces to reveal and loosen what you might not know is affecting your life. While there is some immediate relief, Erinn's practice of reiki is gentle and paced by what your body and soul needs. We might clear something in one session or it might be a slower process of unraveling if it’s deeply entangled in you.

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Benefits of Reiki:

  • Relieved stress & tension

  • Reduced Anxiety & Depression

  •  Encourages Mental Clarity

  • Improved Self-Esteem & self-awareness

  •  Balances Energy centers

  • Improves sleep

  • Soothes digestion

  • Promotes Health & wellbeing

  • Aids with Pain management and offers support for recovery.

  • Most people find it very relaxing and refreshing.


Reiki Treatment


Breathwork is a type of active meditation during which you intentionally change your breathing patterns to facilitate healing, release energy, and calm your central nervous system. Breathwork allows you to shift your internal state and release trapped emotion.

Every system in the body relies on oxygen to properly function properly and remain aligned. If we aren’t breathing properly, every aspect of our help is affected. Most people are not aware of the impact our breath has on our body relies on it for overall harmony.


Breathwork sessions provide a perfect podium for minding clients of the importance of the breath, not just in the session, but in life. Because it’s automatic, the impact it holds is now always understood.


Benefits of Breathwork:

  • Lowering blood pressure

  • More time in REM sleep

  • Reduction of PTSD symptoms

  • Stronger respiratory function

  • Stronger immune system

  • Release of stress hormones from your body

  • Weight management

  • Uncovering stored trauma

  • Emotional regulation

  • Increased mental clarity

  • Decrease in addictive behaviors

  • Allowing emotional scars to heal

  • Deeper self-awareness

  • Improved relationships

  • More energy

  • Feeling aligned

  • Increased intuition

  • Acceptance for what is

  • Strengthens the mind/body connection

  • Reduce pain

  • Deepens spiritual connection

  • Releasing limiting beliefs

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Increased confidence


First Session - $20

Massage Therapy
Massag Therapy
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