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Lisa Oppegaard

Ultra Barre

From dancer to lover of wellness.  Lisa Oppegaard is a Billings native who is bringing a new kind of spa to Billings. After dancing her whole life and co-owning Diversity Dance Studio for the last 11 years, Lisa is the proud owner of Onyx Wellness. Lisa is a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and business owner, with a passion for health and wellness. Onyx Wellness is a studio and spa, bringing all things “good” for the mind, body, and spirit.   

Cara Gunhild

Yoga Instructor

Cara Gunhild Is a woman of many talents: Light worker, event guru, spiritual midwife, energy maven, creatrix, yogini, wordsmith, intuitive, empath...among many others. These tools are some of the many ways she holds sacred space for transformative healing. Cara has a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from the University of Washington, is a RYT 500, as well as a childbirth educator and birth doula. Cara lives in Billings, MT with her two beautiful daughters and her labradoodle Luna. In Billings and the surrounding areas you can find her teaching yoga, hosting events and soundbaths, and building community.

Amanda pic.JPG
Amanda Yarbrough

Yoga Instructor

Having started her wellness journey after becoming a mother 8 years ago, she realized the amazing responsibility it is to care for another person, at the same time discovering how important it is to care for herself in order to properly care for another. She is completely supported in this journey of self love by her wife, who encouraged her to follow her passion and become a yoga instructor as well as a certified health & wellness coach. You may know her around Billings as Wild Fox, her professional title, and she is just that with her wild hair and range of wellness endeavors, including her own sewing and alterations business. Her desire to keep herself and her family healthy and sharing that with others has lead her to where she is today. Teaching yoga for over 3 years, she brings a wide range of yoga styles to the room from restorative, a slow and steady paced practice encouraging a mindbody connection from a place of tranquility, to an energizing intelligently sequenced Vinyasa practice to spark that inner fire in all of us and power up our own passions. All while currently continuing to further her health and wellness education any chance she gets in hopes to add even more to her repertoire of knowledge that benefit the mind, body, and soul of herself and those around her.

Dawna headshot brighter.jpg
Dawna Ostermeier

Intuitive Sessions, Ascended Numerology, & Reiki

Meet Dawna Ostermeier, she is a certified Holistic Health & Hydration Coach and Educator, trained Yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, prepares and explains Ascended Numerology Soul Charting, Guided Meditation, Psychic/Intuitive where she shares insight and clarity to others.   Dawna is passionate about health, wellness, fitness and helping others to suffer less.  She has been on her personal journey of healing and wellness after becoming ill 15 years ago, frustrated with the solutions she was offered which were mostly pills, she set out to educate herself and tried many, many things.  Now she seeks to continue educating herself on ways to help others and share her vast experience and knowledge.  Dawna enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog, grandson and kids.  She enjoys working out and pushing herself to be better physically, mentally and spiritually every day.  Call to book one of the many options for sessions or class with Dawna.  She will be available for Psychic/Intuitive readings, Numerology Soul Charting sessions, Reiki (one on one daily and group healing circles every few weeks), Health coaching sessions, Hydration education, Mindful Eating classes for weight loss, anti-aging and overall wellness 

Ann Lewis

Massage Therapist

Ann Lewis was born and raised in Minnesota, but spent most of her adult life in Montana. She has always been drawn to things that allow her to take care of others. She spent years in the healthcare field. Initially this was in a more administrative capacity, but she wanted to actually work with patients, so she moved in to different roles where she could participate in patient care. For many years, Ann had been interested in healing touch, and finally made the decision to go to school for Massage Therapy. Since passing her schooling and licensing exams, Ann has enjoyed her new chosen vocation, helping people with not only their day-to-day aches and pains, but also with chronic discomfort.

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